Custom Motorcycles SEMA 2013

Just a quick look at some of the custom Bikes that where at SEMA 2013….Some very nice builds….Check it out!!!…Make sure you follow me so that you don’t…


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  1. My plan would be to have a large Rv type camper and Uhaul type treialr.This i would kit out as part mobile workshop and part bike carrier.The idea being to sell seats /berths in the camper and seats on bikes then tour.The bikes would be in a posse traveling down the route making it a life time experience for the riders, then of an evening they would meet up with the camper/ RV where camp had been pitched and a meal cooked; During that time the bikes would get a once over and any scheduled maintenance. Wake up in the morning, group breakfast set up for the day ahead pack up the RV and get it on it’s way then enjoy the days ride.So the bikes do the more scenic route the RV does the more direct route

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