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5 Cool Motorcycle Accessories

[UltraVid id=14 ]Installing the Cena tendency to a helmet as simple as attaching the clamp kit or glued surface mounting adapter to the left side of the helmet attaching the tensy to the clamp kit or mounting adapter plugging the microphone and speaker connector to the 10 C and placing the microphone and speakers inside of the helmet the 10 seat comes with the option to use a wired boom microphone or a wired microphone to use with various types of helmets the clamp kit for the 10 c allows you to adjust the angle of the camera lens by loosening the screw lock and rotating the 10 C then tightening the screw lock once the optimal camera angle has been achieved operating the headset on the 10 C is accomplished by using two buttons the phone button and the jog dial Allen button the jog dial is used for functions such as pairing to a Bluetooth device like a mobile phone and others seen of headsets answering phone calls and making phone calls through a voice dialer communicating to other Sina headsets through the intercom accessing the speed dial feature turning on and off the built-in FM radio controlling music from a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone by playing pausing or changing music tracks and using the music sharing feature operating the camera on the 10c is accomplished by using the camera button that is on top of the system the camera button is used for taking a single photo or burst of photos recording video recording at time lapse of video using the video tagging feature and turning the camera on and turning off the camera when is when he is not in use will help the batter help with the battery life on the 10 seat when the setting has been enabled the camera in the 10 seat will automatically power off after 5 minutes to help conserve battery power on the tendency if you need to you can charge the 10 C while the headset is in use and the cameras recording video on the bottom of the 10 see underneath the rubber covers are the microUSB port for charging and updating the firmware on the 10 C a a micro SD card port that supports up to a 32 gig micro SD card for storing videos photos and intercom communication or music captured by the camera and a micro HDMI port for connecting to a TV for viewing and videos and photos captured by the camera that is a brief overview of the scene Atencio bluetooth camera and communication system covers installing the tensity onto a helmet how to operate the headset how to operate the camera which makes the 10 C one of the most unique Bluetooth headsets on the market from sina technologies welcome to the web by kirill comm video tour of the grip lock motorcycle lock please visit web bike worldcom for a complete review of this product and many more the grip lock is a highly visible motorcycle anti-theft device it attaches to the grip and the front brake of the motorcycle and it’s designed to help prevent opera mystic motorcycle theft the grip lock is made from 30% glass filled nylon embedded with three hardened steel inserts that are claimed to be very hard to cut the grip lock is adjustable for different handlebar diameters and the distance between the handlebar and the front brake lever it comes with spacers for the handlebar grips that go in here and the front section moves back and forth for adjustment place it over the front brake and turn the key to lock it and it’s set it can be adjusted to keep the brake tight or loose here I have the brake just barely on I had to set the handlebar with as wide as it could go because of my thick foam grips shown here and the edges of the grip lock chewed up the soft foam slightly but this doesn’t seem to be a problem with normal grips that’s the web bike WorldCom quick video tour of the grip lock motorcycle lock thanks for watching [Music] there’s nothing more powerful than freedom on two wheels we are unified in our quest for this freedom you ride for the memories for new friendships and old notes – we ride to push the boundaries to see the world from a different perspective we ride to be free there are enough things in life to limit you so over the past year we’ve been working on creating fewer limitations.