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How to design a Bobber Motorcycle

[UltraVid id=12 ][Music] okay so I know I said I was going to plot the bike video this Friday but the reality is I’ve not been able to get enough done on either the Suzuki GS of the Honda CX to make a video out of I didn’t want to put a half done video up there for the sake of writing up the videos so I thought I’d bring this video forward a week this is going to be next week’s video but here it is for you now there’s as much interest in bubber bikes as there are conservatives me personally I’m more of a cafe racer man more of a brat bike or a scrambler man but that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate father’s and appreciate the skill and the attention sceeto and everything that goes into creating them and designing them so just for you guys out there who have asked me so many times on both my castrator and scrambler videos if I could put this one together here is for you so this is how to design a bobber so we’re going to start off again with this Honda CB for now you saw this back on one of the very first house design videos that I’ve club on the cafe racer it’s exactly the same bike on this so it goes to show how you can take the same bikes but create two really distinctive and different styles with the same thing so as with every build you can have to strip things away but I’m not going to show the bare frame on this one just yet I’m just going to take things off bit by bit essentially for a bobber build in my mind you take everything off including the tank I think bobbers need their own tanks so let’s take the seat office I’m the air filter now this whole back ends not going to be you so we might as well take everything off definitely this rear mudguard I’m going to put the engine to one side just for a moment I just want to concentrate on the shape of the frame so I’ll put that down here these wheels when I can use these wheels all the handlebars all the front forks from this or take everything up which leaves us with a frame and the field hanging on top so what was saying before with a bobber you’ve got these distinct lines that you need to follow through so your line basically goes from from the very top for the handlebars are all the way down to the bottom so it’s the kind of line you need to pause and this frame as it’s done doesn’t do that this frame creates that horizontal line from the front to the back which which Cafe Racer does but a bobber truly doesn’t so let’s take the back of the frame off the time being because that’s essentially what you’re gonna have to do especially if you want to put a hard tail on it you’re going to take the whole back end off and fabricate your own frame so that leaves us with half a frame and a fuel tank I’ll leave the fuel tank on there just for the time being and we’re going to put this hard tail on it you can straightaway see how that line from the front to the back goes down to this to the mid point of the rear wheel and we’ll add the rear wheel just to show that I’ve got some chunky tires on this for me a bother and these chunky tires front and rear I’ve seen some beautiful flowers with huge tires on the back but we’re just going to keep this on fairly modest so let’s put a chunk of time in front and some new handle rods on the top is all so if we take this fuel tank up to the time being you can now see more of that line I was talking about from the top of your triple tree all the way back down to the back wheel and that’s what gives a bobber its seating position where with a cafe racer you’re leaning forward on a bother you start more upright so because we’re not going with with high handlebars on this we’re going with moderate handlebars your seating position need to be lower so by dropping the back end this much seriously dropping it down you’re then readjusting that that seating position to a bobber style let’s put the engine back in there to the time being just we can see the whole bike as it’s done that’s basically that’s your basic frame as it should be so it takes some skill to rolled up frame I have to admit it’s not something that I would like to take on but to get those measurements everything accurate takes some skill so perhaps after all you bother builders out there a barber fuel tank ideally suits it when it’s a peanut shape to keep that line going from the front to back down I think if you ever of a fuel tank that’s a large at the front other than tapers at the back like a peanut that carries on that look here so its plot a bright red fuel tank lift just to give it that distinctive look and finally we need to see now make sure you use Springs any seats because like settings if you put a hard fail and a seat with no Springs you’re gonna have the hardest drive you’re like oh and an exhaust nearly forgot that I think a straight exhaust works well with a baa-baa whereas a cafe racer tend to have that that 45 or that 30 degree flip up and exhaust that follows all the way around and then just pokes out at that rear wheel is a nice is look and there you have it will quickly flick between how it was and how it is now and you can see it’s such a difference I’m sure there’s going to be some debate on what bobber should look like some people saying that you need to go large you need to go big from Forks all sorts whatever your preference is be true to what you believe in and and I’m sure you’ll get a wicked looking bike asset so I’ll finish this video off here it’s been a really quick explanation but like I said it is a simplistic approach when working on the on a bobber purely what you see the detail is in the frame and indeed a little bits then like how you attach your seats on things so for novice looking a bike first of all they may look stripped down but sure all you Builders out there a lot more goes into it so next week hopefully I’ll have managed to do a bit more work on my bikes to a decent level where I can actually show them off don’t forget subscribe if you want to see those bikes next week and also catch me on Instagram you’ll get more updates on the bike before then I’ll see you next week.